Women need to be on an equal footing to men in this space

It’s simple: Where women adopt, massive adoptions occur. Women must have equal access and opportunity in every facet of the next iteration of the internet (Web3). We all know that the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the way we live and in the main this transformation was down to new innovative technology such as virtual connectivity. Virtual environments are growing exponentially and are reshaping the world.  In another decade, the metaverse may have changed our lives once more, or at least revolutionised how we access all sorts of things.

What is Blockchain Jane?

We are on a mission to equip women with the know-how and confidence to thrive in the Web3 space through local innovative, tailored, and uniquely branded events programme for women by women. We run several events designed to give complete beginners a taster of all things Web 3. Our 90-minute taster events are held locally to you to cover the basics of the Web3 industry over drinks and food in a lovely setting with time to network.  The event will allow attendees to learn, experience and even have the chance to have a virtual reality experience and dip your toes into getting involved with qualified projects in the space all led by our trusted and knowledgeable Blockchain Jane event leaders. For those looking to increase their knowledge in the space, we have partnered up with the DLT Lounge 

What is Blockchain Jane?

So, in summary what is Blockchain Jane….

We run exciting, local events about Web3 allowing you to experience these new technologies and provide opportunities to participate in Web3 projects. We are on a mission to close the current inequality gap in this space.

To find out more about our exciting local events, Web3 Bootcamp and partner events, go to our events page.

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