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DLT Hub is the UK’s leading web3 innovation hub. We welcome individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to our business network and ecosystem for the blockchain, metaverse, gaming and creative industries.

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The Cake is a platform that connects individuals or businesses with trusted and verified experts within the crypto & blockchain space via a live chat interface. We plan to be the safest place in crypto to get advice on demand. 

STX: LDN is focused on creating engaging human connections among Bitcoiners, crypto enthusiasts and those building, working, investing, and interested in Bitcoin, Stacks, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, NFT and Web 3.0.

Blockchain Sensei are financial educators helping people to be financially independent however we work in collaboration with Brewin Dolphin one of the Uk’s oldest Asset Management Firms and several former St James Place employees who are accredited, financial advisors.

The New Professionals educate, guide and support individuals to share in the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for wealth creation brought about by the new technological era that we have entered.   Blockchain-based technology, including decentralized finance, will bring freedom to billions as we enter the greatest era of wealth transfer in history – with the opportunity to create a more equitable world.

Yellow-Shoes was founded with the main aim of helping businesses, brands, beings and pro-bonos harness the power of being real. This simple ambition improves confidence, connection, clarity and creativity.  Good for the soul and good for business.  

Keepers is disrupting start-ups and scale-up talent acquisition. We are not a standard agency – we help you grow by becoming your in-house recruitment function or plugging into your in-house recruitment team to help, supercharge recruitment for a fixed monthly contract. We work with growing tech companies across the world and have helped scale businesses in Crypto, Fintech, Healthtech, Medtech, Cyber Security, AI, Machine Learning and e-commerce.

ACE Entrepreneurs is a multi-award-winning community for diverse entrepreneurs launched in 2020, with a network of over 5,000 people & with over 400+ active businesses. Created to support and provide access to investment for marginalised entrepreneurs and black-owned businesses in the UK.
The mission is to make it easier for diverse entrepreneurs to run successful businesses. ACE provides free access to over 20 online, key business & finance content hubs, access to alternative start-up funding, a grant finder and affordable marketing services.

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