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We understand the power of meeting and connecting with likeminded people in a comfortable setting local to you wherever possible, whether you’re new, curios or looking to get up to speed with all things Web3 we have events to help you on your journey into the space.

Bubbles & Blockchain

Our flagship introductory branded event is aimed at complete beginners entering the space, our easy to digest topics cover the basics of the blockchain and Web3 industry over drinks and food.

Attendees have the opportunity to attend a local ticketed experience where you can socialise over food and drinks, engage in a virtual reality taster session and learn about all the buzz words and how to interact with them and what they mean for your life now and in the future.  Attendees will also be given the opportunity to join a bootcamp or fast track to passive income opportunities.

Programme breakdown

  • 90-minute workshop including VR taster session
  • Bubbles/Wine/Cocktails/Nibbles
  • Socialise and network with likeminded women looking to learn more about the space
  • Ask questions from our Blockchain Jane host and get plugged in to other opportunities that suit you

Ticket price: £30

Event capacity: 15-25 people

Times: Thursday or Weekends  

Location: local gastro, pub, community spaces (full venue details coming soon)


Web3 bootcamp

For those who have attended a “Bubbles & Blockchain” local event and want to go on to get a good basic knowledge of the digital financial space we offer the opportunity to attend a six session bootcamp delivered in partnership with the DLT Hub in the heart of London’s Docklands.

This lively and highly educational course is delivered in-person and will empower you with a deeper understanding of blockchain-based technology – including cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance (DeFi), NFT’s and the metaverse, explaining why these important technologies are so disruptive and what they mean for the future. The course also includes a deep dive into the financial opportunities available, and how you can participate to build additional income streams.

Partner Events

From time to time Blockchain Jane may host wider events aimed at educating and empowering our Community. Always with high energy, the best expert speakers, and important, timely subjects. We are happy to partner with other organisations who are doing great work for women in this space. Check out our Events Board  to keep updated with upcoming experiences that you will not want to miss.


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