A woman's gateway to a new financial future

Empowering women with skills to thrive in Web3

Blockchain Jane educates, guides and supports you on a journey to better understand the new digital financial economy that is fast taking over our world. What does it mean for your future and that of your children? Remember the ‘dot com boom’, when the likes of Amazon, Ebay and Google were born? Well, many believe that we are entering the greatest era of financial opportunity in history, surpassing even the dot com era.

Our goal is to show women, through a series of fun and trustworthy events, how Web3 can be integrated into their everyday lives to make more opportunitites to thrive. Women have been left out of the equation for too long when it comes to advancements in technology. We want to close that gap by offering events that are engaging and tailored specifically for women so they can learn how to apply these new technologies without feeling overwhelmed or like they’re being left behind.

Our Events

For those looking to increase their knowledge in the space We run several events designed to give complete beginners a taster of all things Web3. Our events are held locally and cover the basics of the Web3.

Bubbles & Blockhain

Our flagship introductory branded event is aimed at complete beginners entering the space, our easy to digest topics cover the basics of the blockchain and Web3

Web3 Bootcamp

A local event to gain a thorough knowledge of the technology and investment space. You will have the opportunity to attend six sessions face to face at our Docklands space working in partnership with the DLT Hub.

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